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Over the years, the skin loses its suppleness and firmness. It becomes more fragile, the first wrinkles and small spots appear, the complexion loses its radiance.
In order to firm, protect your skin and slow down skin aging, we recommend anti-aging, regenerating and intensely moisturizing treatments:
1 - A rejuvenation treatment with Elixir Biotique, the regenerating oil that boosts cell renewal and reduces dark spots, fine lines and small marks
2 - The daily application of our ultra hydrating day care, Absolu Riche, a concentrated cream like a serum that deeply nourishes the skin and boosts its firmness.
3 - A one-month cure with our luminous complexion dietary supplement Healthy skin which illuminates the complexion and helps to preserve the skin durably And for overall care, we recommend our Light Hydration Cure, a one-month cure to regenerate tissues, unify the complexion, hydrate the skin and slow down skin aging
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