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Does your skin tend to be dry, atopic or reactive? Do you suffer from a lack of hydration? Does your skin redden or get irritated easily?
In order to regain supple, hydrated and soothed skin, we recommend that you:
1 - A gentle make-up removal with our Milky Silky Oil
2 - Ultra-gentle protective cleansing with the Hydrating Bubble, the facial cleansing foam for dry to very dry skin
3 - Restoration of the driest and most irritated areas with Elixir Biotique, the multi-action regenerating oil that removes inflammation, redness and dry patches.
4 - Daily hydration reinforced with our Absolu Riche day care, a protective cream concentrated like a serum
5 - A shielding action against irritation with Cica-crème La Peau Douce, the SOS multi-use balm for fragile skin
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