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[Grand Dossier] Pollution et Cheveux : quelles conséquences et comment les protéger ?

[Grand Dossier] Pollution et Cheveux : quelles conséquences et comment les protéger ?

6 days ago
La pollution est un facteur majeur d’accélération du vieillissement cutané et est en train de devenir l’ennemi public n°1 de vos cheveux ! Alors quel est l’impact de la pollution sur vos cheveux ? Et quels sont les gestes à adopter pour retrouver une belle chevelure ? On vous explique tout dans cet article !
Microbiome, Probiotiques et Prébiotiques, le nouveau glossaire beauté

Microbiome, Probiotiques et Prébiotiques, le nouveau glossaire beauté

9 days ago
Microbiome, Probiotiques et Prébiotiques, ces trois termes, encore confidentiels il y a peu, ont ...
[Grand dossier] Acné à l'age adulte, Comment la traiter ?

[Grand dossier] Acné à l'age adulte, Comment la traiter ?

On s’en croit débarrassés après l’adolescence et…les boutons reviennent ! Pendant très longtemps, l’acné a été considérée comme une pathologie de peau de l’adolescence. En effet, durant la puberté, elle évolue le plus souvent par poussées pour disparaitre vers l’âge de 20 ans mais cette acné peut persister et continuer de couvrir le visage, le dos ou le décolleté à l’âge adulte et particulièrement chez les femmes ! 
Peau sèche ou peau déshydratée ?

Dry skin or dehydrated skin?

Knowing your skin type does not necessarily indicate its needs or lacks. Contrary to popular belief, skin can be both oily and dehydrated whether it is sensitive or not. All skin types need hydration, and oily or combination skin is no exception.

Acné adulte et adolescent, prévention et rôle du microbiote

Adult and adolescent acne, prevention and the role of the microbiota

True epidemic, acne would affect today until 85% of adolescents aged 11 to 12 and 40 to 55% of the adult population aged 20 to 40. More or less severe, this inflammatory skin disease can affect different parts of the body, face or back. The latest research in dermatology demonstrates the central role of the skin microbiota in the onset of acne and its chronicity in adolescents and young adults. 

Acné rosacée ou couperose, comment traiter ces rougeurs ?

Acne rosacea or rosacea, how to treat this redness?

You have cheeks that blush easily and an unpleasant feeling of heat. You can no longer stand the usual cosmetic products, you have developed an intolerance to water and soap. You are probably suffering from Rosacea. Our advice to take care of your skin.

Boutons, rougeurs, sécheresse, comment prendre soin de sa peau sous le masque

Pimples, redness, dryness, how to take care of your skin under the mask

Since last March, the mask has entered our lives and its small inconveniences too! Indispensable in the panoply of barrier gestures that slow down the epidemic and protect against infection, whatever its material (paper or tissue), it has repercussions on the health of the skin.
Our advice to soothe the skin in crisis, restore its balance and strengthen its natural defenses



Is your skin dry, reddened easily, tight? Do you feel tingling or itchy? These manifestations are the sign of weakened, sensitive or hypersensitive skin. Discover the treatments adapted to your skin type.
Cosmétiques et Labels : la philosophie et les engagements de BIOSME

Cosmetics and Labels: BIOSME's philosophy and commitments

Organic and natural labels are popping up everywhere, how can you choose a product that meets the desired quality and safety requirements without making a mistake?
Confinement, Stress et problème de peau

Containment, Stress and Skin Problem

Containment and uncertainty by generating stress alters the quality of the skin. It weakens, becomes more sensitive to inflammation, produces more sebum and becomes dehydrated. Our advice for regaining beautiful skin.


In the midst of an epidemic, respecting barrier gestures is essential. Strengthening your immunity is also the best prevention against Covid 19 infection.


The vaginal flora is the first barrier against repeated infections, but also against cancer or venereal diseases. Protecting the balance of your intimate microbiome is a health priority.
Les huiles essentielles sont-elles dangereuses au quotidien ?

Are essential oils dangerous on a daily basis?

For several years, doctors have warned about the use of certain essential oils presenting a risk to health in the event of use or contraindications.
Le microbiome capillaire, un capital santé beauté

The hair microbiome, a beauty health capital

With their complexes of prebiotic and probiotic active ingredients, their natural cleansing and astringent active ingredients, the shampoos in the Biosme hair range protect the health of the hair.
Faut-il se laver moins ou mieux ?

Should we wash less or better?

Since the 1950s, researchers have estimated that hygiene habits could be the cause of the explosion of certain diseases such as atopy, acne, and autoimmune diseases.
Les soins de beauté fermentés, révolution de la cosmétique naturelle

Fermented beauty treatments, a revolution in natural cosmetics

Kombucha, kefir, kimchi, do you know? These dishes made from fermented foods are renowned for their multiple benefits: they protect our intestinal flora and at the same time our health
Cosmétiques et Grossesse : Comment prendre soin de soi et de son bébé

Cosmetics and Pregnancy: How to take care of yourself and your baby

Future mother and her little resident are very vulnerable to the environment. Like drugs, the use of cosmetic products must be controlled.
La transpiration, un phénomène naturel à préserver

Perspiration, a natural phenomenon to be preserved

Sweating is not a problem. This natural phenomenon is useful in regulating our body temperature, but the cosmetics we use are sometimes toxic.
Pourquoi le pH des produits cosmétiques est-il important ?

Why is the pH of cosmetics important?

Acid-base balance, excessively acidic or basic skin ... The most contradictory information circulates on skin pH (the pH of the skin) and the impact of cosmetic products used on a daily basis
Nous sommes fiers de vous offrir un vrai déodorant naturel et efficace

We are proud to offer you a real natural and effective deodorant

What if spring 2018 changed your hygiene routines forever?
Un shampoing sudo-régulateur qui prend soin de vos cheveux

A sudo-regulating shampoo that takes care of your hair

This is the novelty that many of you have been waiting for. The Biosme range has been enriched with three new shampoo references.
Un déodorant sans sels d'aluminium qui tient ses promesses

A deodorant without aluminum salts that keeps its promises

Are you looking for an alternative to products based on aluminum salts that is really effective?


Qualified today as an organ in its own right, the microbiome is an essential element for our survival. Several types of diseases, ranging from obesity to diabetes, including psoriasis,