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Skin secret ...

The best stories start simply. After the birth of my daughter, my skin became more sensitive. I developed allergies to certain detergents, I suffered from unexplained attacks of itching, red patches regularly appeared on my face. I didn't know it then, but I was suffering from a microbiota imbalance (dysbiosis) which triggered skin sensitivity. The worst trials, I lived with the deodorants that I could not stand. Natural or not, they irritated my skin, triggered the appearance of red patches, almost burns. A trial ! With a scientific mind by my side, this kind of inconvenience quickly became a challenge. We decided with my dear and loving (and partner in this adventure) to develop an effective deodorant formula that respects my sensitive skin.

After several months of research, a lot of intuition and the help of young pharmacists (thank you Alison, Morgane and Morgane), in 2015 we patented a complex combining saccharomyces and lactobacilli ferments offering remarkable protection against body odor. , the pro-active deo complex. At the beginning of 2016, we launched Biosme and the first probiotic deodorants were put on the market. Today, we continue to innovate by devising effective, simple and short pioneering formulas that best respect the skin microbiome and strengthen the skin's defenses. Thanks to the probiotic formulas that we are developing, my skin sensitivity is just a memory. The range is enriched month after month with new vegan formulas, certified natural and organic and always 100% French, which allow the skin to regain its balance. Bet won! Pascale de Lomas CO-FOUNDER BIOSME


All of our treatments are Cosmos Natural and Organic certified. We primarily select French ingredients.


Out of conviction and love of nature! We only use natural plant or mineral ingredients.


From our small Parisian laboratory, we formulate, manage the manufacture and packaging of our unique and committed cosmetics!

What is the microbiome?
The skin microbiome is both the ecosystem and the millions of microorganisms that inhabit the surface of our skin. The richer it is, the more it is preserved. Its biodiversity is a sign of good health. Traditionally called "cutaneous flora", it helps our skin to carry out its main function: to serve as a protective physical barrier. When an imbalance occurs in this bacterial ecosystem, our skin becomes fragile and problems arise. We now know that all skin conditions are linked to the depletion of the diversity of microorganisms that inhabit it. In short, our skin suffers like the environment from a loss of its biodiversity!

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Short formulas that protect sensitive skin
Irritation, itching, atopy, ultra-sensitivity, the balance of our skin is altered on a daily basis by pollution, stress, and the aggressive formulas of most of the cosmetic products that we use. At BIOSME we have made the protection of the most sensitive skin our priority. Today, all of our hygiene and care products are designed to have optimal tolerance and protect the natural ecosystem that develops from birth on our skin, the microbiome. We only use the essential ingredients and no more! The objective is to avoid interactions that are sources of skin allergies.

Trace the ingredients from the producer to our vats
To ensure this optimal protection, we have chosen to work with COSMOS certified ingredients. This allows us to ensure full traceability of all the elements entering into our formulas, even the most modest. We can track down traces of CMR, impurities, which slip into raw or processed materials. We are able to follow an ingredient from its place of cultivation, of transformation until in our cosmetic tanks. This traceability complements very few cosmetic brands, including major brands, can guarantee it. Showing pretty pictures of flowering fields and farmers is not enough to ensure this commitment. Concretely, we select, buy, transport and transform all our ingredients ourselves.

Control development and manufacture from A to Z
Our formulas are developed internally in our Parisian mini-laboratory under the responsibility of Charlotte, our R&D manager, then we have our products manufactured with OUR ingredients at two partner manufacturers based in Brittany and Vendôme. It is very restrictive for a small structure like ours, but it is what allows us to guarantee the harmlessness and the quality of our formulas. A commitment that we make for our customers, but also for ourselves, to be really proud and sure of what we do!

Ban preservatives and irritants
We have banned from our formulas all potentially irritating ingredients and actives, such as alcohol, essential oils, allergens and PRESERVATIVES. We obviously do not use any of the controversial ingredients regularly denounced by consumer associations or beauty applications. Our products are ultra-protective and natural while being easy to use. No need to put them in the refrigerator or throw them away after a few days, we have developed a unique know-how in the use of PROBIOTICS which allows us to ensure complete safety of our formulas and long storage times. With Biosme, it has never been easier to take care of your sensitive skin, without fear and with respect for the environment.


    These natural active ingredients protect the microbiome on the skin's surface while preserving its ecosystem and thus help reduce irritation and inflammation at the origin of skin imperfections, skin aging or body odor. They boost the skin's natural defenses. And above all, they allow our formulas to self-preserve for better skin tolerance.


    These sugars from plant fibers promote the growth of "good bacteria" essential for the health of our skin. We add them to our formulas to strengthen a diverse and virtuous ecosystem.


    It is a key part of the balance of the microbiome. For this, we use lactic acid naturally produced by bacteria present on our skin. It allows the maintenance of a pH favorable to a balanced and healthy microbiome.


    The fermentation of plants by bacteria preserves and strengthens the benefits of plants without altering them. These fermented ingredients are particularly well tolerated by sensitive and reactive skin.


    Preservatives have an impact on the skin microbiome. This is why we limit them in shampoos and deodorants (using COSMOS certified preservatives) or eliminate them in personal care and hygiene formulas thanks to the self-preservation power of probiotics.



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